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Widgets add content and features to sidebars and other widget-ready areas (e.g., college home page widget areas). In the Department theme, the Sidebar area is to the right of the content area on all pages of the site. For the College theme, the Sidebar is located to the left of the content area on the inner pages. The College theme also has six widget areas for Content Blocks on the front page.

How to Add a Widget

Widgets are available under Appearance > Widgets.

Add a Widget
To add a widget, click on the widget and then select where it should go. Or you can click and drag the widget to the area where the widget will be displayed.

Reorder a Widget
To reorder the widgets simply click and drag the widget to the desired location on the sidebar.

Widget Options
To see the widget options click on the down arrow to the right of the widget’s name to open up the widget options (if there are any available).

Save a Widget
When adding or reordering widgets, WordPress will automatically save each time. However, if you edit a widget you will need to click the save button located in the bottom right of the widget box.

Available Widgets

Apply Now Ribbon
Adds an Apply Now ribbon with links to Undergraduate/Graduate Admissions to your sidebar.

A monthly archive of your site’s news posts.

Breadcrumb NavXT
Adds a breadcrumb trail to your sidebar. Not necessary as all sites display breadcrumbs already in the content area.

A list or dropdown of categories used in your news posts.

Content Block
Displays custom content in a widget. Useful for using the visual editor to format text and create links without using HTML.

Custom Menu
Add a custom menu to your sidebar.

Donation Button
Add a “Make a Gift” button to your sidebar.

GSU SAEM Graphic Announcements
Student Affairs & Enrollment Management Graphic Announcements.

Image Widget
Showcase a single image with optional fields for Title, URL and Description.

iThemes Slideshow
Display an image slideshow. Create slideshows in DisplayBuddy–>Slideshow first.

jQuery Accordion Menu
Vertical menu with accordion-style drop down menus, similar to the College theme inner menus.

Recent Posts
Your site’s most recent news posts.

Display an RSS feed from an external source, such as another site’s news posts or the Campus Calendar.

Display an RSS feed from an external source, such as another site’s news posts or the Campus Calendar. This widget provides additional options for advanced users.

A search for your site. This will only search within your site, not all of GeorgiaSouthern.edu.

Add a testimonial to your sidebar.

Plain text or HTML.


Last updated: 8/15/2016

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