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Siteimprove is a web governance tool used at Georgia Southern to monitor websites for broken links, misspellings and accessibility issues.

All University Content Owners have a Siteimprove account with access to detailed reports on all web content in their network. Content editors for individual sites can also request access to Siteimprove reports by contacting their content owner.

As a designated content editor for a University website, it is your responsibility to review your website regularly and ensure the accuracy of your web content. Siteimprove reports are designed to assist you in this process by identifying broken links and misspellings on your site(s).

Please work to resolve issues identified in your Siteimprove reports in a timely manner.  Broken links prevent users from finding the information they need, and misspellings, while usually accidental, reflect poorly on the University.  Your content may also be flagged as a misspelling if it does not comply with University branding and editorial standards.

If you are a content editor and would like to start receiving Siteimprove reports for your departmental website, please contact your area’s content owner.

How to use your Siteimprove reports

Siteimprove email reports will summarize the number of pages, broken links and misspellings on your site. To view details, click the HTML or PDF links to open detailed reports in your preferred format. The HTML and PDF report links are located directly under the summary data and/or next to the group at the bottom (if you receive reports for multiple websites).

Once you open the HTML or PDF report, you’ll see a list of all identified issues with a Show Errors button to the left.

Clicking Show Errors will open the page on your website with a Siteimprove panel on the left. Clicking on either the Broken Links or Misspellings buttons will highlight and locate the error on the page.

Last updated: 9/16/2020