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WordPress Themes Update – November 2013

The latest version of the Georgia Southern University themes have been released and are active on all sites in the University’s WordPress network.  We’ve also upgraded to the latest WP core which includes a few minor changes to the appearance of the admin area (most notably, Menus in “Appearance”).

Here’s what’s new:

  • New Sidebar Widgets:
    • Search (Department & College themes)
    • Custom Menus (Department theme)
  • Added Functionality:
    • Lightbox effect – ability to open images and videos in a popup window (HTML knowledge required).
    • Sortable Tables – ability to sort tables by column headers (HTML knowledge required).
  • Improved control when multiple editors are working on the same page – ability to lock out or take over, so two or more editors will not be able to edit the same page simultaneously.
  • Updated layout for Appearance –> Menus.
  • Various IE8 layout/formatting fixes.

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