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Contact Form 7 Emails

If you’re missing email submissions for forms created using Contact Form 7, check to see if the form is sending submissions to a departmental email account that has forwarding enabled. If so, it’s possible the submissions are going to the departmental account’s Spam folder and Gmail doesn’t forward Spam.

To fix, you can add frequent senders to your departmental account’s contact list to ensure they aren’t considered Spam.

You can also disable forwarding and create a filter to forward all mail instead.  Here are instructions for creating the filter:

  1. Login to your departmental email account here
  2. From your departmental email account, go to Settings–>Forwarding and POP/IMAP
    • In the “Forwarding” section, click the “Add a Forwarding Address” button.
    • Enter the email address you’d like to forward departmental email to.
    • You’ll need to click a link in the confirmation email to proceed.
  3. Go to Settings–>Filters–>Create a New Filter
    • In the “To” field, enter the departmental account’s email address
    • Click “Create filter with this search”
    • Select “Forward it to:[your email here] ” and “Never send it to Spam.”
    • Click the “Create filter” button to finish.

There are other reasons that you may not receive all submissions from Contact Form 7.  Some email providers (Yahoo! for instance) don’t allow web contact forms to send emails on their behalf.  When Contact Form 7 is set up to use the visitor’s email in the “FROM” field, email addresses from those providers will fail to send, but won’t generate an error message. The solution is to enter your (or your department’s) email address in the “FROM” field in Contact Form 7. 

If these solutions don’t work, please try Google Forms as an alternative.

As a reminder, forms created using Contact Form 7 and Google Forms are not secure and should not be used to collect sensitive or confidential information.


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