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WordPress Upgrade & Theme Updates – September 2015

The University’s WordPress network will be upgraded on September 24 – 25, 2015. The upgrades performed will include an update to the core WordPress software as well as University themes and plugins for compatibility.

New WordPress features include:

  • Customizer – edit and live preview your site’s navigation menu(s), widgets and, for the department theme, header image. Log in to your site and go to Appearance –> Customize to try it out.
  • Formatting shortcuts – create an unordered list in the visual editor by using an asterisk (*), use the hash symbol (#) to create subheads (## = Heading 2, ### = Heading 3, etc.)

The WordPress core upgrade also includes a fix for the media library bug that has affected some of our websites, causing a miscalculation of the space used by the main site on a domain.  Once the upgrades are complete, the web team will revert the space allocation on those sites back to the standard 150 MB.

University theme updates include the following:

  • Improvements to page load times (e.g., “Share This” script + buttons included on news items only, reducing unnecessary http requests, streamlining template files)
  • SEO enhancements (e.g., fixes to ensure home page always has an H1)
  • Date stamp added to pages (except home page) indicating when the content was last updated.



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