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Actual Dimensions: 940px x 265px
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Statesboro Campus


Armstrong Campus

Armstrong Campus Header 1Armstrong Campus Header 2Armstrong Campus Header 3

Liberty Campus

Liberty Campus Header 1Liberty Campus Header 2Liberty Campus Header 3


Photos of Statesboro campus events, campus buildings and locations, etc. can be found in at the University’s Flickr accountGeorgiaSouthern.edu/photos, for photos of all campuses view our SmugMug Galleries.

Learn more about photography usage and scheduling here.


Optimizing Images for the Web

To maximize your website’s storage limit, you’ll need to resize large images before uploading them to WordPress. In general if you keep images under 700px wide, that’s a good start.

Resizing images can be done easily without special software:

Windows 7

  1. In Windows 7, navigate to the image on your computer, right click and select “Edit” to open the Paint editor.
  2. In Paint, click “Resize” in the top toolbar and an options panel will appear.
  3. Select the radio button to resize by “Pixels” and then enter a new value (less than 800) for “Horizontal.” You will see the Vertical value will automatically be calculated to maintain the aspect ratio.”
  4. Click the “Ok” button to apply the changes.
  5. Save the resized image and upload to WordPress.

Older Versions of Windows

  1. In older versions of Windows, navigate to the image on your computer, right click and select “Open with” and choose “Microsoft Office 2010.”
  2. Once the image opens, click “Edit Pictures” in the top toolbar and an options panel will appear.
  3. Click “Resize” and from there, in the Resize screen, choose “Predefined width x height” and the size “Web Large 640px x 480px.”
  4. Save the resized image and upload to WordPress.

You can also use software like Adobe Photoshop or Fireworks to optimize images for your website – use their predefined settings to save images for use on the web.


To turn a link into a clickable button, add the “fp_readmore” class to the link tag. You’ll need to use the page editor in Text mode to do this.
<a href="http://www.example.com" class="fp_readmore">Button text</a>

Will create a button like this: Button text

If you’re not sure how to edit markup in Text mode, use a graphic as a button instead – just wrap the image in a link to make it click-able. Here are some sample graphics you can use as buttons:
Button - Learn MoreButton - Register Now

Social Media Icons

To use one of the social media icons below, click the image to save to your computer and upload to your WordPress site.

Facebook facebook_24 facebook_32 fb_blue
Twitter twitter2twitter2 twitter_32twitter_32 twitter_1
Flickr flickr2 flickr_32 flickr
Google Plus gplus2 gplus_32 google_plus
LinkedIn linkedin2 linkedin_32 linkedin
Pinterest pinterest2 pinterest_32 pinterest
YouTube youtube2 youtube_32 you_tube
Blogger blogger_24 blogger_32 blogger


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