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Your site’s menu (navigation) will be the main way that a user will navigate your site, and the Menu module in WordPress allows you to control this interaction. The Department theme has a horizontal menu located below the header and site name. The College & Unit themes have a menu on the left hand of the inner pages in a vertical accordion style.

Menus are available under Appearance → Menus.

Menus Overview


Save Menu
Blue button located at the top left and bottom right of the menu window.

After all desired changes to the menu are done you must save. If you do not save, you will need to redo any changes made to the menu.

Menu Settings
At the bottom of the menu are two options: Automatically add new top-level pages to this menu and primary navigation.

Be sure that primary navigation is selected for the Top Nav menu for Department themes and Nav for College themes. This will ensure that your menu displays correctly.

Department theme
The horizontal menu is 940 pixels wide. If the menu becomes longer than this, it will wrap to another line and will not work. To ensure the menu displays correctly, use concise navigation labels. This will allow you to save space.

The menu can only go one submenu deep. This means that you cannot have a submenu of a submenu.

College theme
The inner menu is a vertical accordion menu, with top-level links being used only to open the accordion.

Top-level links can be a page or a custom link, but we recommend using the custom link option. If a page is used for a top-level link, users cannot visit the the page from the link, and its content will have to be duplicated in the submenu.

If you are using a page as a top-level link, you can add the page again to the submenu and then change the navigation label to keep it from duplicating the top-level link.

Add Menu Items

There are three things you can add to a menu: Pages, Custom Links and Categories.

This adds a link to an existing page to the menu. You can view your most recent edited or created pages, view all pages or search for a specific page.

To add a page, select the page you wish to add (this will add a checkmark to the right of it) and then click Add to Menu.

Custom Links
Custom links add a link to a page outside of the site. Each site will only display its own pages, so if you would like to add a menu item from another department or add a link to a third-party site in your navigation, use a custom link.

To add a custom link, type the desired URL into the field, add your link text (this will become your navigation label) and click Add to Menu.

Categories will add a menu item that will display all posts within that category.

To add a category, select the category you wish to use from the Most Used, View All or Search tabs then click Add to Menu.

For more information on Categories, see the Categories and Tags tutorial.

NOTE: To add a submenu, simply click and drag the menu items to the right. This will cause the item to indent under the items above it, showing that it is a submenu of the above item.

Reordering Menu Items

To reorder a menu, you simply need to click and drag the menu item that needs to be reordered. If you need to move a menu item that has a submenu, click and drag the parent (top) item and it will move the submenu as well.

When you are reordering or creating a submenu, once you click and hold the menu item, you will see a dotted grey box showing where the menu item can be placed.

Editing Menu Items

To edit a menu item, click the down arrow next to Page, Custom Link or Categories.

Navigation Label
This is text displayed on the menu item. This label does not always need to be the page title, and might need to be shortened in order to save menu space. However, the label should be clear and should only be a shortened version of the page title, not a completely different topic.

Title Attribute
The title attribute specifies extra information about an element.. However, this is generally left blank.

Cancels any changes to the menu item. Located on the bottom left next to the Remove option.

Deleting Menu Items

To delete a menu item, open up the menu options and click the red Remove option at the bottom left corner.

Last updated: 3/29/2019