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Categories and Tags

Our University WordPress sites include the ability to categorize and tag News posts. Usage is optional – by default, most sites will automatically add all new news items to the “Uncategorized” category – but categories and tags can be beneficial in organizing and displaying content in your navigation menus and in linking related posts for visitors exploring your site.


Categories are broad designations. If used correctly, they can help visitors find related content on your website. Categories can also be added to your site’s navigation menu or sidebar areas. Each news article on your site will also include a link to its category archives page, so visitors can find all news items in that category.

Recommended Usage

Each news post should be assigned to one category. Your categories should be broad enough to easily apply to most of your articles – Events, Awards, etc.

  • Awards and Recognition – use for news items about awards, honors, grants, etc.
  • Events – use for all posts about upcoming events, lectures, performances, conferences
  • Faculty Highlights – colleges use this category to identify faculty accomplishments that will then display in the University Newsroom.
  • Rankings – use specifically to highlight your rankings (not awards).
Where to find categories in WordPress

Once logged in to your website, you can view and edit your categories in the WordPress admin area under News–>Categories.

Note that if you delete a category, you’re NOT deleting the news items associated with it.


Tags work in conjunction with categories to further narrow down related content for visitors. For example, if you’re publishing an article on the COBA website about a School of Accountancy alumna winning an award, assign it to the “Awards” category, then tag it “School of Accountancy” and “Alumni.” In this way, a visitor can view all your area’s awards or view those awarded specifically to a department or alumni.

Tags are optional – you only need to use them when it relates to other news items on your site. Also, it’s good to note here that Tags serve a navigational function on our University websites – they shouldn’t be confused with keywords for SEO. The Tags on your website have no SEO value.

Recommended Usage

Here’s the list of tags we recommend you use with the standard categories above. You’re free to add your own tags, but remember, they are only useful to visitors if they link to other related news posts. In other words, tags that are only assigned to 1 news item are not useful to your visitors!

  • Alumni
  • Students
  • Faculty
  • Staff
  • Department 1
  • Department 2
  • Department 3
Where to find tags in WordPress

Once logged in to your website, you can view and edit your tags in the WordPress admin area under News–>Tags.

Note that if you delete a tag, you’re NOT deleting the news items associated with it.

Last updated: 5/20/2016