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Contact Forms

If you are not receiving your Contact Form 7 submissions, check the settings in the form’s Mail tab. If you have the form set up to use the sender’s email address in the From field, then you will not receive those emails if the sender uses a Yahoo or Gmail address. This is due to security policies in use by Yahoo and other email service providers to prevent “spoofing.”

To ensure you receive all contact form submissions, you should use a static email address in the From field of your contact forms, not the variables for the sender’s email address. The To and From fields can use the same email address – the recipient is the only person who will see the From field, it’s not visible to the sender.  In most cases, your departmental email address is a good option for the To and/or From fields.

To make it easy to reply to the person who submitted the form, set the “Reply-To” email address to be the sender’s email using the tag provided in Contact Form 7. Then when you reply to the form submission, it will go to the email address of the form submitter instead of your departmental email address.

Here’s an example of how to set up the From and an optional Reply-To field correctly in Contact Form 7:



Screenshot of correct Contact Form 7 mail settings


Last updated: 12/5/2016