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Quick Start Guide

Getting Started

You’ve been to training and now you’re ready to either work on a brand new site, or start editing a site that is currently live. Now here are a few things to help get you started.

Logging In

To login you will need the login credentials you received at training. To get to the WordPress Dashboard go to your site’s homepage and add “/login” to the end of your url.


This will take you to the login screen. You will need to use your username and password here. If you have trouble logging in or forget your credentials, use the “Lost your password?” link below the login fields, and you will be sent a reset link to the email on your profile.

It is important that you keep your user profile information up to date. If your email changes or if there is a generic email listed on your account you will not be able to reset your password and will need to contact your Content Owner to have it reset by the Web Team.

NOTE:  You have three attempts before you will be locked out for 20 minutes. Additional lockouts will last 12 hours. It is better to reset your password than to lock yourself out. If you find that you are having a lot of trouble with your password, we recommend utilizing LastPass. This will help you to avoid lockouts in the future.


SiteImprove is a web governance tool used at Georgia Southern to monitor our departmental websites for broken links, misspellings and accessibility issues.

All University Content Owners have a SiteImprove account that provides them with access to detailed reports on all web content in their network. Content editors for individual sites can also request access to SiteImprove reports by contacting their content owner.

As the designated content owner or editor for a University website, it is your responsibility to review your website regularly and ensure the accuracy of your web content. To help you with this responsibility, you can receive weekly SiteImprove reports to identify broken links and misspellings on your site(s).

If you are a content editor and would like to start receiving SiteImprove reports for your departmental website, please contact your area’s content owner.

For more information see our SiteImprove page.

WordPress Questions and Technical Help

If you run into problems when editing your site, visit for tutorials and support docs, including:

If you find your questions aren’t quite answered, you will need to contact your Web Content Owner. They will be able to escalate the problem to the Web Team if necessary.

Additional Resources

Last updated: 3/24/2020