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Shortcodes are shortcuts you can use to add pre-styled elements like testimonials, buttons and accordions to your pages. Shortcodes can be inserted into any page or news post while using the visual editor.

Here are the shortcodes available on our University sites:


The [accordion] shortcode will create sections of content that you can toggle open and closed. The shortcode is best used to manage simple accordions with small amounts of content – for longer and more complicated content (with lists, subheads, etc.), use the sample code provided here instead.

Here’s an example:

Accordion heading – click to toggle open/closed
Accordion content

Here’s how you would create the example above in the page editor:
[accordion_heading]Accordion heading[/accordion_heading][accordion_content]<p>Accordion content</p>[/accordion_content]

*Note that you cannot have line breaks between the accordion_heading and accordion_content shortcodes.


Use the Gallery shortcode to display an image gallery on a page or news post. To use the shortcode, click the “Add Media” button in the page editor and then select “Create a Gallery” from the list of options on the left side of the screen.

Here’s an example:

RSS Feed

Embed an RSS news or calendar feed within a page or news post on your site. Exercise caution with this feature – you must not violate copyright laws and you are required to have permission to embed others’ content on your site.

Here’s an example that embeds the latest two posts from the University News feed:

Latest University News

Here’s how to add the shortcode in the page editor:
[RSSImport display="2" feedurl=""]

Want to add an RSS feed to your sidebar? Use the RSS Widget instead. It’s in your WordPress admin area, under Appearance –> Widgets.


Use the shortcode [testimonial] to insert a quote from a student or faculty member on any page or news post. The testimonial will be styled to look like this:

Example student testimonial – Georgia Southern is great!
-Student name, psychology major

Here’s how you would enter the testimonial above in the WP page editor:

[testimonial]Example student testimonial - Georgia Southern is great!
[author]-Student name, Psychology major[/author][/testimonial]

You also have the option of adding a testimonial to your sidebar area – just use the Testimonial Widget in WP Appearance –> Widgets.

Last updated: 5/20/2016