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Submenu Example: Text Links

Menu Item 1      Menu Item 2       Menu Item 3       Menu Item 4

Text links at the top of each page (like those above) can serve as a simple, unobtrusive navigation on pages with related content.

Best for: linking to 4 or 5 pages with substantial content on each page, no HTML knowledge required.

Cons: you must insert and update the links on each page individually.


  1. In Visual mode, at the top of your page, type the text for each menu item separated by several spaces.
  2. Drag your cursor to highlight each menu item and click the toolbar-insert-linkInsert Link button in the toolbar to link the text to a page; repeat for each.
  3. Make your menu items bold to help them stand out.
  4. Copy the menu and paste at the top of each page where you want the submenu to appear.



Last updated: 5/20/2016