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Georgia Southern CSS Classes

Color Classes

For quick inline style modifications

Font Color Background Color
.aqua .bg-aqua
.blue .bg-blue
.gold .bg-gold


Available classes (for use in <code><a> or <button></code> tags):

.btn .btn-default .btn.btn-default
.btn .btn-aqua .btn.btn-default
.btn .btn-blue .btn.btn-default
.btn .btn-gold .btn.btn-default

Social Media Icons

Add icon and text-hide class to <a> as in example. Optionally, wrap in .social-icons to apply opacity and hover styles:

<code><div class=”social-icons”>

<a class=”facebook text-hide” href=””>Facebook</a>

<a class=”twitter text-hide” href=”“>Twitter</a>


Available classes:

.facebook .linkedin
.flickr .pinterest
.googleplus .twitter
.instagram .youtube

Margins & Padding

Class Style
.pad5 padding:5px;
.pad10 padding:10px;
.pad15 padding:15px;
.pad20 padding:20px;
.mar5 margin:5px;
.mar10 margin:10px;
.mar15 margin:15px;
.mar20 margin:20px;

Last updated: 8/3/2016