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Web Colors and Fonts

Web Colors

To meet web accessibility standards, text on the web must be in high contrast to its background (7:1 for body text, 4.5:1 for headings).


Body text:


Body text background:


Standard blue hexadecimal


Web highlight color used for interactive elements (links, buttons)


Used sparingly as a highlight color


Used very sparingly as a highlight color


Medium Gray:
Used sparingly as a background color to denote sections within a page


Light Gray:
Used as page background color and horizontal rules between sections


Gold fade:
Alternative to gray for backgrounds and horizontal rules


Used as container background color (for content/text areas)

Web Fonts

Standard font stack: Lato, Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif

Alternate font stack: Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif

Note: Neutraface does NOT have a webfont license and cannot be used as an embedded font on a website. Neutraface can only be used in web graphics.

Last updated: 5/26/2020